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#MadeinItaly My pretty girl from Venezia

Laureen was feeling satisfied, as if in Heaven. She was in bed with the man of her dreams: passionate and gentle, manly and romantic. She would like to murmur his name, sin that escaped.  Not to talk about the location then… Through half-closed eyelids she had glimpses of the comfortable luxury that surrounded her. She was sure it was winter outside and she was feeling so good. Suddenly  an unpleasant noise, at first far away, in the fog of sleep, then closer and closer. Nagging, frustrating, irritating. An alarm clock. Her alarm clock. She had tried to select some sweet melody, but Enya had accompanied her into a deeper sleep. Finally she had given up and chose the insistent sound of a rooster, the most useful. Usually she was difficult to wake, but the rooster cry tore into her sleep. It achieved its goal of waking her up. With awakening came also the ongoing everyday reality. Her lover was gone, vanished, trapped in the dream and its bedroom. The location  well, nothing had to do with opulence but it was nice, intimate, a mansard which had once seen her play carefree. It was part of the large villa overlooking the Naviglio canal, something precious, in memories of a rich and loved girl with her special large space to play, to invite girlfriends for endless afternoons of drinking tea with dolls.  But outside that door there was the “true” house, where finally, after two stairways, down in the living room they drank hot chocolate. She never would have thought that her magical place would become the only roof for her survival. A few months after the tragedy, Laureen and her mother were forced to close the living rooms with their venetian ceilings and ancient floors. Sheets mercilessly aseptic had covered the only precious furniture unsold, as they had doggedly clung to the illusion of being able to recover their happy past or, at least, act as an anchor of hope.

The Naviglio is located in Riviera del Brenta between Padua and Venice, I'll tell you something about it soon, 'cause it's very interesting. If you take a holiday here, you couldn't forget a tour with the boat "Burchiello". 

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