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Venice (Italy). An original novel.

Ok, here we are. I see there are many friends reading this little blog, more than Italians. Quite amazing, indeed! So a really big big thanks to everyone of them.
My English isn't so good, but I thing you can understand what I'm writing here.

So pls let me introduce this work talking about love between two different worlds. I'm very proud of it. It doesn't belong to a specific genre, cause you'll find romance, thriller, humor, travel, food...

Ready to know something more the Bel Paese (Beautiful Country)  through the pages of a... OMG  I don't know how to define it! I'm sure if I write "romance" you think stuff to women.

Pretty girl from Venezia (yes just Venezia not Venice),was read and appreciated also by male readers. Yes,  I know I have to be honest: they turned up nose in front of some romantic parts. But let me know: what should do two lovers some time? Let them to make love! This is life. You eat, you work, you sleep and you also make that. Am I wrong?

I didn't change my pen name and turn into another sounding anglo-american. I didn't located my novel in places where I've never been, I didn't talk about something I don't know and, above all, I didn't take inspiration from trendy novels in this 50Shades period.
Cause I'm proud to be italian and think Italy and good italian authors have much to give. 
Here we go, have a good time.
And share, share, share.

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